Since 1945 Family Owned and Made in USA

Da-Rue of California is a family owned and operated business dedicated to the business of "GREAT THINGS TO WEAR for WOMEN WHO KNOW WHAT THEY WANT!"  Da-Rue of California is known world wide for it's colorful and sophisticated prints as well as it's sumptuous fabrics which coordinate always from collection to collection. A pallet of color and fabrics is ever changing as the world of fashion changes; however, this women's sportswear company never forgets who their client is.  Da-Rue of California is designed by a team of specialists who understand the needs of WOMEN WHO KNOW WHAT THEY WANT(and need). With this in mind the team works with Mr. Leo and Mr. Carlos, old school masters of design, pattern making, and fabric placement.  Together they create a perfect combination of coordinated sportswear which includes blouses, shells, skirts, pants and jackets in travel fabrics which look impeccable, fashionable and sophisticated at all times.
The team at Da-Rue of California guarantees that you will love your investment, dressing for years to come.  Remember, it was Stanley Marcus who told us to always "Keep Making the Absolute Best!"

Da-Rue of California

For Women Who Know What they Want...

For Women Who Know What They Want...

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